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Our Foundation

Core values – how we define our company:

  • WORK HARD:  Do your best and work safe.

  • TAKE PRIDE:  In your work.

  • BE OPTIMISTIC:  Exhibit a can do attitude and stay positive.

  • BE RESPECTFUL:  To others.

  • SHOW COMMITMENT:  To the team.

  • CONTINUALLY GROW:  Improve and educate yourself.

Tory Schwope’s vision for his companies is communicated through an operating system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  EOS is defined in three words:  real, simple, and results.  When employees have clarity with the vision, together they move in the same direction and are laser-focused on achieving our common goal.


EOS is a holistic, self-sustaining system that is designed to guide our companies on how we work together.  Proven processes help everyone in the organization fully understand where we are going and how we plan to get there.  Focus is instilled in all employees through accountability and how we work by consistently reviewing goals and objectives and discussing issues.  Providing one operating system fosters better communication and direction and allows employees be more “in the know”.


Having an organization of like-minded people, poises us for organizational growth and enhances recruiting efforts to attract even more like-minded people as our companies continue to grow.

Our vision for growth:

We believe that Growth is the Key to unlocking new opportunity.  We are passionate about creating and sustaining growth-focused momentum.  We put that passion to work in everything we do.

Growth by Achieving Economies of Scale

At DCA Outdoor, our goal is to create economies of scale within industries that have yet to achieve it.    We believe that our society is currently missing a unique opportunity to achieve efficiencies and better success across many siloed, niche industries.  DCA Outdoor endeavors to aggregate these industries under one umbrella so that they operate as an effective complete system – one that permits sustainable, long-term growth.


Growth through Collaboration

Our commitment to collaboration extends to every aspect of our business.  We have to live collaboration, not just talk about it.  We have to continue to do things differently.  We create aggregation where it doesn’t exist.  We integrate the skills and knowledge found across multiple disciplines – from horticulture to waste and natural resources management, soil microbiology, plant genetics, and technology – so that they work with each other, allowing them to reach their utmost potential.


Growth via Innovation

By optimizing all of our resources to work in harmony, DCA Outdoor provides an innovative platform that delivers greater value to the marketplace and beyond.  A platform that supports the need of our end-users and our planet. And, ultimately, a platform that continuously cultivates growth.